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Dredging Works & Dredge Hire Perth | Dredging Support & Hire Kwinana – Gendredge Pty Ltd

Specialised dredging hire and dredge contractors of inland, coastal and maritime water projects including remediation and nourishment of beaches, remediation of marina's, harbours, canals, channels, lakes and storage facilities utilising amphibious crawler dredge and floatation modules.

Dredging and silt removal from tanks and storage facilities utilising hydraulic dredge heads and remote control hydraulic dredging equipment. The Priestmann Longreach excavator is ideal for sub surface tanks and ponds as long as you can drive around the edge we can dredge them.

Hydraulic rock cutting and grinding equipment for trenching and excavating by attachment to suitable long reach excavators for submerged operation, also suitable for fitting to remote control machinery for depth grinding and cutting.

Containerised rapid response dredge spreads fully self-contained suitable for road or sea transit and able to operate at sites with little support infrastructure capacities: - 150mm/200mm/250mm.

Contaminated material dredging, remote control (no personnel on, or near dredging equipment) dredging for relocation or dewatering (ie. Sewage) utilising geo-textile filter tubes. Suitable for sewage, coastline stabilisation, levee banks, river coarse alignment, protected marine facilities and temporary harbours.

Hire and contract of pipelines, booster pumps, hydraulic power-packs, winches, pontoons and high pressure pumps.

Priestman Long Reach excavator dredge also operates Schaffe Transverse rock grinder above and below water. Powerfull and accurate,use off wharves, platforms or barges.

If you have requirements for 'Pumps' in any configuration and time frame please contact us, we would be pleased to offer support.

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